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About PSM II certification

The Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) is the level 2 certificate in the Scrum Master certification program designed by The PSM II certificate holders should have advanced Scrum knowledge, in-depth Scrum experience. 

The PSM II online test outline:

    • Number of Questions:          30
    • Time:                                    90 minutes
    • Question type:                      True/False, multiple choice, multiple response
    • Minimum score to pass:       85%
    • Difficulty:                               Difficult
    • Language:                             English
    • Class required:                      No
    • Certification expiration:         No
    • Price:                                     250 USD  

The PSM II questions are primarily about the Scrum framework and Scrum values, but many of them are situational questions that requires your experience in practicing the Scrum roles and practices in real life. Another challenge is the minimum passing score of 85% that means you should have at least 26 correct answers. In my first attempt, I only got 87%, just enough to pass the assessment! If you want to pass the PSM II in your first attempt, please follow my suggestions below.

Learning resources

Follow the reading recommendation for SPS exam. There are no special learning materials for the PSM II assessment. Instead, you should take time to look for excellent articles, blogs on or follow well-known scrum writers. In this level, you should give more focuses on the “why” questions or ask “why” questions by yourself while researching the Scrum knowledge.

Visit my YouTube channel Agile Education for more videos about Agile & Scrum.

Practice PSM II questions

  1. Firstly, do all practice tests & Mock Test in the SPS Guide, check the explanation of the wrong answers and find the relevant knowledge in Scrum Guide or other resources to understand the answers.
    • Repeat the Open Assessments until you pass over the score of 90% consistently.
    • Take the SPS certificate first is a good preparation for the PSM II exam.
  2. Secondly, perform the PSM II Mock test in the end of this post.
  3. During the preparation, if you have any tough question or something to ask, please send it to me in the comment box or search the question in the Scrum questions area.


When you are ready for the PSM II exam, just go ahead. You need to register an account at then buy the assessment with a credit card. After the payment process is complete, the password to take the assessment will be sent to your mail box, then you can sit anywhere with an internet connection to do the test. Below are some tips that can help you do better:

  1. Like the SPS exam, you will have few minutes to answer a question, think & check the answers carefully.
  2. Don’t spend too much time on one question. Bookmark it, go to next questions then come back later.
  3. There is always a certain questions that you answered incorrectly by mistake, i.e. overlook what has been asked, misunderstand the English …Therefore, a good tips is that you should reserve sometimes to review all questions.
  4. If you fail at the first attempt. Don’t panic, will send an email to you with details of what domain you need to improve. Continue learning and practicing until you gain more confidence. After that, you would find the test would be much easier for you!
  5. Finally, remember in the PSM II assessment, the accuracy matter is bigger than the time span even though if you think out too much, the time will be run out for sure.

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