Coaching Agile Team

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This is a very valuable book for learning about the essence of agile coaching. Throughout the book, Lyssa Adkins shared some good insights into what is required to coach agile teams successfully. Especially, you may find your own journey at the end of the book with the real stories to become Agile Coaches told by Lyssa and other Agile Coaches. The book is also good for other leader roles such as Scrum Masters, project managers…

The book is split into three parts:

Part I: Coaching starts with you, but it’s not about you. It’s about what you can bring to the team to help them get better. This part contains several chapters that explain who an Agile coach is, why Agile coaching matters, common paths to Agile coach … These first contents inspired me to become an Agile coach years ago.

Part II: This part focuses on describing what an Agile coach should do to help Teams. Those are 6 chapters that are about Agile coach stances like mentoring, facilitating, teaching, problem solving, conflict navigating and collaboration conducting.

Part III: In three chapters, the last part emphasis Agile coach is a journey with failures and successes – it will never end. The last chapter is about Agile coach journey shared by Lyssa Adkins and other Agile coaches.

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